Why A Page A-Way instead of temporary help? We provide "direct" executive secretarial assistance without the cost of the "middleman".

How does A Page A-Way's work product compare with that of temporary help? Temporary agencies often employ those in between jobs. Assisting you is our job, and our passion. You will build rapport, trust and confidence with A Page A-Way's qualified executive assistant.

Why A Page A-Way instead of full-time employees? A Page A-Way only bills for time spent, reducing your expenditures for office space, supplies, training, equipment, salary and benefits.

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Turnaround Time: Same and Next Day Delivery (depending on size, audibility and/or legibility of job order)

In/Out Delivery: Via E-mail; Facsimile; U.S. Mail; Courier; Hand Delivery (locally)

Fee Arrangements: Retainer Fees; Flat Fees; Hourly Rate; Monthly Invoiced (long-term clients)

Forms of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa)